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Dining and Catering

Whether it’s a delicious meal to get you through the day or a banquet for hundreds of guests, MWR dining facilities serve up good taste and great value. Each garrison has catering options as well as casual restaurants to serve groups of any size and with any budget.

Our catering and conference centers offer a range of services for service members as well as the local community. Our capabilities vary from location to location, but all provide excellent settings for any function. Our professional staff can assist in preparing and planning just about any event, including graduations, weddings, changes of command or anything else. We also offer a variety of menus, many of which can be customized for your specific event. We want to provide you and your guests with excellent food and gracious service in a pleasant environment.
2014-Apr-Habanero-150x70.pngHabañero offers you the fresh and healthy foods you want with a Latin flavor. The Fresh-Mex menu allows you to create your own perfect meal by providing a wide assortment of ingredients and endless combinations. You will also appreciate being able to match your portion sizes to your appetites – from giant, overstuffed burritos to light and tasty quesadillas, salads and hot, freshly made nachos. 

2014-Apr-JavaCafe-Color -148x148.pngJava Café keeps business perking all day long, starting with your first cup in the morning until it’s time to unwind at the end of the day. It’s no surprise that this concept has a very “Starbucks” appearance. Java Café features the “We Proudly Serve” Starbucks Coffee program. Starbucks coffee, syrups, equipment, paper products and distinctive merchandise are all part of our sleek and colorful shop. Plus, an appealing menu of fresh pastries, bagels, breakfast and deli sandwiches, salads, soups and sweets make Java Café a popular destination for meals and snacks throughout the day.
2014-Apr-StrikeZone-150x130.pngThe Strike Zone concept is a winner if you’re looking for some delicious menu options at your garrison’s bowling center. Also, if you’d like a different location for a group meeting that can also handle food service, Strike Zone is a versatile concept with a flexible menu that can be tailored to suit your needs. All-day service includes full breakfasts for early birds and continues until closing with burgers, sandwiches, pizza and other favorites.
2014-Apr-Mulligan-a150x54.pngCheck out Mulligan’s after you’re hitting the links at one of our golf courses. From an early bird breakfast before your tee time, to beverages and sandwiches after the 18th hole, it’s a great way to satisfy your appetite after a game of golf.