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Moving With CYS

The CYS Employee Assignment Tool (CEAT) allows those in Child and Youth
Program Assistant (CYPA) positions to voluntarily request a noncompetitive
transfer to another Army installation at the same grade/pay level.
With CEAT, employees can avoid a break in service during a move.
Education, certifications, background checks, and other screenings follow
you, too, which makes for an easier move. CEAT is not an entitlement tool,
though, and relocation expenses are not authorized. You may be eligible if

• Make a voluntary request to transfer through CEAT
• Have a performance evaluation of “Satisfactory” or higher
• Have no disciplinary/adverse actions within 12 months and none
under appeal.

If you’re interested in CEAT, contact your supervisor and your current and
destination HR offices. If there’s no available CYPA position for you at your
destination, you may take up to one year leave without pay to wait for one
to open up.

You may also apply for CYS jobs using your Military Spouse Preference for
NAF pay band positions NF-03 and below, wage grade (NA,NL,NS), and
child care (CY) positions for which you are qualifi ed. Find current options on
USA Jobs, at local job fairs, or through your servicing NAF HR Division.