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Reopening FAQs

Q01: Are Family and MWR facilities implementing any new safety procedures when they reopen?
A01: Yes, your health and safety is our highest priority, and we have taken extensive safety measures including:

  • Enhanced cleaning of our Facilities
  • Limiting the total capacity, requiring social distancing
  • Face coverings and hand washing for both patrons & team members
  • Encouraging the use of contactless and card payments to minimize exposure to handling cash
  • Encouraging team members to stay at home when they are sick. 


Q02: Am I required to wear a face mask in all Family and MWR facilities?
A02: Customers are encouraged to wear face coverings.   

Q03: What are you doing to ensure the safe handling of my food?
A03: All food workers are required to wear face masks/ face coverings, hats or hairnets and gloves while handling food.

Q04: Where can I find information on COVID-19 safety procedures for Family and MWR facilities?
A04: Visit your local Family and MWR webpage or our Resource Page for information

Q05: What social distancing strategies should I use?
A05: Maintain a safe distance – at least 6 feet, avoid crowded areas and minimize physical contact 

Q06: Will MWR facilities be cleaned thoroughly to make it less likely that COVID-19 is not spread?  
A06: All MWR facilities will be implementing strict cleaning policies to decrease the likelihood of the spread of COVID-19.  The health and safety of our customers is paramount. 

Q07: What measures are being taken by MWR taking to ensure that the MWR staff will not spread COVID-19 while interfacing with patrons.  
A07: MWR Staff will be encouraged to stay home if they are not feeling well.  All staff members will be required to wear face masks and gloves and wash hands frequently.  Staff will also be asked to use hand sanitizer and make it available to our patrons as well. 

Q08: Do you have any additional resources to help during the COVID-19 quarantine period?
A08: Yes! Please visit our Resources Page that has various resources from Finance, Libraries, Child Youth Services and more!

Q09: Are any MWR services available virtually?
A09: Some MWR services may be available virtually. Please visit the My Installation page for local garrison information and contacts. 

Q10: What MWR facilities are still closed? 
A10: Please visit the My Installation page for local garrison information and contacts.

Q11: With there be additional procedures for Family and MWR facilities?
A11: We will ensure to follow installation, Army and CDC guidance. We will update these procedures as we receive information. 
Q12: Have you increased your cleaning frequencies/methods?
A12: All MWR facilities have increased cleaning frequencies which will help reduce the spread of the virus. 

Q13: Will you be providing hand sanitizing stations and face masks at MWR facilities?
A13: MWR will be introducing sanitizer stations at facilities. Check your local Family and MWR webpage for details and information.