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All-Army Wrestling Criteria 

EIGHT CLASSES : (Men's Freestyle, Men's Greco-Roman, and Women's Freestyle:

SENIOR (Men's Freestyle)
        57 KG/125.7 LBS
        61 KG/134.5 LBS
        65 KG/143.3 LBS
        70 KG/154.3 LBS
        74 KG/163 LBS
        86 KG/189.6 LBS
        97 KG/213.9 LBS
        125 KG/275.6 LBS

SENIOR (Greco-Roman)
        59 KG/130.1 LBS
        66 KG/145.5 LBS
        71 KG/156.5 LBS
        75 KG/165.4 LBS
        80 KG/176.4 LBS
        85 KG/187.4 LBS
        98 KG/216.1 LBS
        130 KG/286.6 LBS
SENIOR (Women Freestyle)
        48 KG/105.75 LBS
        53 KG/116.8 LBS
        55 KG/121.25 LBS
        58 KG/127.9 LBS
        60 KG/132.3 LBS
        63 KG/138.75 LBS
        69 KG/152.1 LBS
         75KG/165.3 LBS

2.  Required Documents to be emailed to:

     *  Copy of membership card for USA Wrestling verifying membership for current year.  This membership can be accomplished online at the USA Wrestling website.

     * Copy of proof of US citizenship (Passport or Birth Certificate). A Passport is required to be considered for CISM.


All experience listed on application should be detailed reflecting experience competing in the sport of Wrestling.  Candidates will be ranked by weight class, based upon experience and accomplishments in the sport.  The number of individuals selected for the Trial Camp, per weight class, may be limited, so, it is imperative that you include as much detail in your experience as possible.  Important information to include is record of competitions and results at important competitions such as regional, national, or international competitions.  Remember, this is a Trial Camp, not a training camp.