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Finding a School

School Liaison Officers help Families communicate with school districts and schools regarding education issues (to include school personnel understanding the impact of deployment stress on military students), provide transition support, and link students and Families to education and post-secondary resources.

FAQ on Schools

For the most updated information about schools and educational resources in this area and on all Army garrisons, click on the link below or visit MyArmyOneSource/CYS Services/School Support. This site provides a wealth of information for transitioning Families. Scroll down to Easing School Transitions to find the School Support Services Information Pages listed by Army Garrison.

The SLO will:

  • Provide information on student registration in the local school system
  • Provide information on the Student Meal Program
  • Educate parents on the local school system, policies, procedures, programs and schedules
  • Support home school families
  • Supply resource materials on primary, secondary, and post-secondary education
  • Coordinate with SAC and YC for Homework Centers and Youth Technology Labs
  • Participate in Education Council Meetings to elevate parental issues for resolution

These initiatives prepare schools and installations to respond confidently to the complexities of transitions, and provide families the assurance that their children's academic well-being is a priority. 


Military and Civilian sponsors are briefed on Child, Youth & School Services (CYS) Services as part of their in-processing with the installation.

Military and Civilian sponsors with children/youth (infant to age 18) should visit the School Liaison Officer for an explanation of educational options.


Military and Civilian sponsors with children (infant to age 18) will out-process through the Child, Youth & School (CYS) Services School Liaison Officer (SLO) for an explanation of services available to ease the childcare/educational transition, transferring of CYS Services records, and School Liaison Officer (SLO) contact information for the gaining installation.

Families withdrawing children/students from DoDDS schools must provide information for each child to the school. Proper withdrawal ensures that school accounts are cleared, Horizon school meal accounts are cleared, informs the current school to prepare the child’s cumulative record, and ensures that the receiving school can begin new enrollment.

Sponsors/Families must ensure that The Exchange/AAFES Horizon Student Lunch Program account (debts or credits from the school lunch program) has been cleared before departing the garrison.

Military Impacted Schools Association (MISA) has a student checklist at the following site:

Contact your School Liaison Officer to begin.

Youth Sponsorship

Sponsors for your middle school or high school teens are available either through the youth program or school.

Army Youth Sponsorship Program

The Youth Sponsorship Club can help your teen learn about their new community and make new friends. Getting involved quickly helps children and teens fit in and feel less stress associated with their PCS move. All it takes to join the club is a visit to the school age or youth center or contact the School Liaison Officer.

Student2Student (S2S)

The Student2Student program connects current middle school and high school students with transitioning students. 

Youth Sponsorship Registration

Please send an email to the School Liaison Officer (SLO) to request a sponsor.  Also, you can download the Youth Sponsor Request Form, complete and include any additional information that might be helpful to the sponsorship staff in the assignment process as they attempt to pair you with a sponsor whom you will be most compatible with.


School/Education Information

The My Army One Source/CYS Services/School Support website provides a wealth of information for transitioning Families. Scroll down to Easing School Transitions to find the School Support Services Information Pages are listed by Army Garrison: 

Department of Defense Education Activity (DoDEA)

DoDDS-Europe Website

HQ DoDEA Website

School Liaison Officers

DoDEA Online Student Pre-Registration

Military K-12 Partners (DoDEA)

DoDDS Graduation Requirements

DoDEA Special Education

Non-DoD School Program (NDSP)

DoDEA Virtual High School

DoDEA School Attendance Policy

Student Meal Program

Free & Reduced Lunch Program and Eligibility Application (.pdf) 
(Note: This form can only be opened with CAC-enabled computers to allow for digital signatures. A hard-copy is available at Parent Central Services or from your School Liaison Officer)

Free & Reduced Lunch Program Guidelines (.pdf)

National School Lunch Program

External Links

Military Child Education Coalition (MCEC)

MCEC Quick Checklist for Student Moves

School Quest

National PTA

Military One Source

Army Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP)

Military Homefront

National Military Family Association

Student Online Achievement Resources (SOAR)

Military Impacted Schools Association

Study Strong/ for Military

Military Interstate Children’s Compact Commission (MIC3)

Home School Program

CYS Services provides support to registered children and youth that are home schooled by providing access to activities and facilities such as Youth Technology Labs (YTL). 

Contact your School Liaison Officer to begin.

Home School Links

A host nation, state, commonwealth, or territory where a DoD sponsor is stationed may impose legal requirements or restrictions on home schooling practices.

DoDEA Home Schooling Policy

Home Schooling Defense Association