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For Parents

No matter where you are stationed, School Support Services are available to help your children/youth build resilience and increase student achievement.  The program is designed to meet the needs of the community, and we are committed to supporting military-connected Families.

School Liaison Officers (SLOs) implement the School Liaison Program which supports Families and students experiencing all types of transitions. SLOs work diligently to maintain a flow of communication between parents, schools, and installations.  Please call or visit our offices for information related to:

  • School Transition and Deployment Support 
  • Installation and School Communication 
  • Partnerships in Education 
  • Homeschool Connections 
  • Post-Secondary Education/Opportunities


Please select a link below to learn more about how your SLO can support you and your Family.

Parent FAQs

Q: What is a School Liaison Officer?

A: School Liaison Officer (SLO) is your best source of education support – and a completely free benefit to military Families. SLOs work in partnership with installations, local public school districts, private schools and home school Families to enhance the educational experience for students.

One way we do this is by helping schools understand military challenges, so they’re better able to serve military Families. We also give parents detailed information on local schools and educational policies, so they’re better prepared, too.

Perhaps most importantly, our SLOs help connect parents, schools, and installations – and facilitate healthy communication for students’ benefit.

Q: When should I contact my SLO?


  • Before you move to your next duty station, and upon arrival
  • When you want information about the local schools in your area
  • When you want a youth sponsor for your child
  • When your child is transitioning from preschool to elementary school, elementary school to middle school, or middle school to high school
  • When you need more information about local and state education policies
  • When looking for education and/or transition resources
  • When interested in home schooling
  • When preparing your child for college and career beyond high school
  • When you need assistance with school transition issues
  • Before and during the deployment process

Q: How can my SLO help me determine which school is best for my child?

A: SLOs are well-versed in current education policies and issues, and have established relationships with the local schools. They can provide information on local schools, interpret school information and explore school options with you.

Q: How can SLOs assist with college and career readiness?

A: SLOs can provide college readiness workshops to youth and parents. Learn how to make the most out of school tours, prep for the ACT/SAT, apply for financial aid and scholarships and choose a college. SLOs are a great source for info on local college and career fairs, as well as scholarships especially for military-connected students.

Q: How can my SLO assist with home schooling?

A: SLOs maintain information on local and state policies about homeschooling. They can connect homeschool Families to local homeschool groups and co-ops, and local installation support resources available for homeschool Families.

Q: How can SLOs help during deployment?

A: SLOs inform schools about upcoming unit deployments and how best to support their students and Families throughout the deployment cycle. They can help parents communicate with schools about deployment-related absenteeism and other issues. SLOs also connect Families with local resources and agencies that provide deployment-related support.

Q: How can SLOs assist with transition issues?

A: SLOs have accurate information and powerful resources to assist with transition. They provide workshops on transition, and can discuss specific transition-related concerns with you one-on-one. Your SLO can also help you develop a transition plan and strategies for talking with school staff about concerns.

Q: How can SLOs assist with credit transfer and registration issues?

A: Your SLO understands the Interstate Compact on Educational Opportunity for Military Children, the agreement that eases transitions for military students, and how it pertains to moving military Families. They can help with school registration and transferring credits. If problems arise, your SLO can help you discuss your concerns with the school and advocate for your child.

Q: How can SLOs assist with school/parent conflict?

A: SLOs function as liaisons between schools and parents, rather than mediators. They provide accurate information to both schools and parents, and can gather resources to help resolve issues.

Youth Sponsorship

Youth Sponsorship

When you receive your PCS orders, consider requesting a youth sponsor for your children. The Youth Sponsorship program helps connect youth to their peers during major life transitions like PCS moves. It lets them talk with a child who has first-hand knowledge about the new school and community.

Upon arrival at a new installation, youth sponsors greet new students and orient them to the school and community. The youth center offers a variety of Youth Sponsorship activities, too, with opportunities to make new friends and settle in to their new community.

To request a youth sponsor, select your community and complete the automated e-mail. (create drop down that when community is selected an e-mail is auto populated to the SLO organizational e-mail box)

Interested in becoming a youth sponsor?

Students who’ve been in the community a while and want to get involved can help their peers – while earning service hours and developing leadership skills. To find out how, contact your local SLO or Youth Center. 

Parent Workshops

Not sure how to prepare for a transition? Have questions on internet safety? Want to prep your kids for college?

School Liaison Officers offer parent workshops that give you information and resources to help navigate parenthood, as well as the opportunity to network with other parents.

Workshop topics include:

  • School Transition
  • Social and Emotional Considerations of Military Transition for Youth
  • Becoming College Ready: College Admissions
  • Becoming College Ready: Financial Considerations
  • Becoming College Ready: Roles and Responsibilities
  • Becoming College Ready: Separation
  • College Application Process
  • Understanding the College Financial Aid Process
  • Internet Safety
  • Social Media Safety
  • Kindergarten Readiness
  • Parent/Teacher Conferences
  • Workshop schedules vary by installation, so contact your SLO for the most up-to-date workshop schedule.