About Us


What is the Army's World Class Athlete Program?

A program that provides outstanding Soldier-athletes the support and training to compete and succeed in national and international competitions leading to Olympic and Paralympic Games, while maintaining a professional military career and promoting the U.S. Army to the world.

How are the Soldiers selected?

WCAP offers all members of the Army (Active, Reserve, and National Guard) the same opportunity for selection to compete in an Olympic sport. Think you have what it takes?

What kind of training will I receive?

Soldiers in WCAP receive elite level training from some of the best coaches and trainers in America. The Army has its own established training centers for sports such as boxing, taekwondo, and wrestling. If you compete in another sport, you may be assigned to a location near an Olympic Training Center, college or club with a proven record in international competition, where you will receive the best possible training from a civilian or military coach.

What kind of results has the WCAP produced?

Since 1948, 446 Army Soldiers have represented the United States at the summer and winter Olympic Games as athletes or coaches, earning 111 medals in a variety of sports,  including bobsled, track and field, boxing, wrestling, and shooting events.  Since the WCAP's start in 1997, 55 Soldier-athletes have participated in the summer and winter Olympic Games winning Gold, Silver, and Bronze Olympic Medals.

How do I maintain my military proficiency?

All WCAP Soldiers are monitored for selection and attendance to required military schools. Coordination is made with Human Resources Command for active duty Soldiers, and appropriate Reserve and National Guard personnel offices, to ensure WCAP Soldiers remain competitive with their counterparts assigned to regular Army units.

What are the benefits of WCAP to the Army?

WCAP Soldiers support the U.S. Army Recruiting Command mission by conducting clinics and making appearances at high schools and colleges. WCAP Soldiers participate in numerous Total Army Involvement in Recruiting (TAIR) missions each year, speaking to groups including high school students and athletic teams, in support of Army recruiting stations.
WCAP provides Army Soldier-athletes with national visibility reinforcing a positive image of the Army. And recognizing outstanding Soldier-athletes provides


  • An image of Excellence for all Soldiers to strive for
  • Positive role models for peer groups and youth
  • yet another reason for public pride in the Armed Forces