Total Soldier Enhancement Training (TSET)

Total Soldier Enhancement Training (TSET) is elite Soldier led training specifically tailored to increase Soldiers' performance and resiliency.  

The intent of the program is to increase readiness and resilience of Army units through facilitated, team-based, and learner-centric training events that expose Soldiers to mental skills training that sets the conditions for more consistent and high levels of performance. The WCAP TSET provides a tremendous opportunity for leadership to increase their unit readiness and individual resilience.  The WCAP detachment will provide Mobile Training Teams (MTT) that instruct/facilitate scientifically proven mental techniques that integrate CSF2 and the Performance Triad.  To ensure relevancy, The WCAP deliberately assesses and leverages existing programs across our Army for future inclusion and/or assist to identify and address any gaps.  TSET connects directly to Ready and Resilient.  It is an interactive, peer-to-peer training intended to increase the awareness and application of proven skills that directly build mental strength and personal readiness.
The WCAP is uniquely qualified to motivate and expose Soldiers and units across the Army to the importance and process for continuously building a culture and attitude of continuous improvement.  The training is designed to progress all those attending further along the spectrum of fully developing
their readiness; from building awareness about the importance of being mentally ready, to prioritizing deliberate training of mental toughness skills, then understanding available resources to continuously and deliberately practice toward a never ending process of self and unit improvement.

The WCAP is comprised of Olympic caliber Soldiers who maximize and embody high performance, agility, mental and physical strength. All Soldiers assigned to the Army World Class Athlete Program Detachment meet an Olympic caliber entry standard for their Olympic sport and discipline. This standard ensures that each Soldier possesses the physical, technical, and mental expertise to perform at the highest levels.

All Soldiers assigned to the Army WCAP receive continuous training from top experts in maximizing performance, sports psychology, strength and conditioning, nutrition, and wellness. TSET leverages WCAP Soldiers' high performance knowledge-base to increase readiness and resilience across the Army through customized, resilience and performance enhancement skills training.