Charles Leverette

Retired U.S. Army

Position: Head Boxing Coach

Hometown: Brent, Alabama

High School: Bibb County High School

College: Penn Foster College

Joined Army: February 2000


2012 U.S. Olympic Team Assistant Coach

SFC Christopher Downs


Position: Assistant Coach

Hometown: Knoxville, Tennessee

High School: South Doyle High School

College: Rone State Community College

Joined Army: February 1997

MOS: 11B, Infantryman


2008 U.S. Olympic Trials Champion

SSG Iris Smith


Position: Assistant Coach

Hometown: Albany, Georgia

High School: Dougherty High School

Joined Army: October 2001

MOS: 88M, Motor Transportation Operator


2005 Women's Freestyle World Champion

2010 Women's Freestyle Military World Champion

1LT Selina Bocanegra

Field Artillery

Sport: Women's Boxing

Weight Class: 119 lbs.

Hometown: Donna, Texas

High School: Donna High

College: University of Kansas

Joined Army: May 2015

MOS: 13A, Field Artillery Officer

1LT Kendall Harris


Sport: Men's Boxing

Weight Class: 201 lbs. 

Hometown: Killeen, Texas

High School: Harker Heights High

College: University of Texas at San Antonio

Joined Army: August 2014

MOS: 88A, Transportation Officer


2017 All-Army Heavyweight Champion

SSG Naomi Graham


Sport: Women’s Boxing

Weight Class: 165 lbs.

Hometown: Fayetteville, North Carolina

High School: Pine Forest High

Joined Army: February 2013

MOS: 89B, Ammunition Specialist


2017 U.S. National Champion

2016 U.S. World Team Member

SGT Adrian Tillman

Adjutant General

Sport: Men’s Boxing

Weight Class: 201 lbs.

Hometown: Riverside, California

High School: Rancho Verde High

College: University of Maryland Univ. College

Joined Army: July 2013

MOS: (42A) Human Resources Specialist

SPC Daniel Bailey


Sport: Men's Boxing

Weight Class: 123 lbs.

Hometown: Miami, Florida

High School: Miami Edison High 

Joined Army: February 2015

MOS: 92G, Culinary Arts Specialist

SPC Jesse Cervantes


Sport: Men's Boxing

Weight Class: 201+lbs

Hometown: Los Angeles, California

High School: Bishop Amat Memorial High

College: East Los Angeles College

Joined Army: June 2015

MOS: 11B, Infantryman


2016 All-Army Champion

SPC Charles Williams

Medical Services

Sport: Men's Boxing

Weight Class: 123 lbs.

Hometown: Fontana, California

High School: A.B. Miller High 

College: American Military University

Joined Army: October 2010

MOS: 68J, Medical Logistics Specialist


2x U.S. National Champion

PFC Jajaira Gonzalez


Sport: Women's Boxing

Weight Class: 132/141 lbs.

Hometown:  Glendora, California

High School: Charter Oak High

Joined Army: February 2016

MOS: 92G, Culinary Specialist


2017 U.S. National Champion

2016 U.S. Olympic Alternate

2013-2015 World Champion

PFC Carlos Lebron

Adjutant General

Sport: Men’s Boxing

Weight Class: 123 lbs.

Hometown: San Juan, Puerto Rico

High School: Francisco Mendoza High

Joined Army: November 2016

MOS: 42A, Human Resources Specialist


1LT Alec Zeck

Field Artillery

Sport: Handball

Position: Right Wing / Right Back

Hometown: Kansas City, Kansas

High School: Leavenworth High

College: U.S. Military Academy at West Point

Joined Army: May 2016

MOS: 13A, Field Artillery Officer